A Legacy That Lives On Web Special

The fire service of South Carolina has been left a rich inheritance generally known only, valued and appreciated by a very few older generation of firefighters. “A Legacy That Lives On” is a must read by all firefighters, history enthusiasts, fire buffs, and family members of those who have proudly served in fire departments in the past. The book’s content chronicles the history and evolution of the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association and then devotes many chapters to the stories from the past and finally provides insight for growing leaders and guidance for the future.


The author, Carter Jones, is already working on a second volume to the book which will capture, reveal and ultimately preserve even more of the colorful history of South Carolina’s fire service never before shared. As Carter has frequently said, “it is imperative to record our history by documenting each department’s birth, growth, and contributions as well as those events in our past which may have presented challenges to the performance of duty.”

The cost is $40.00 +shipping per book.

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